Filters not working on FA V6

Forest admin filter not working

Expected behavior

We can use the filters on forest admin view correctly

Actual behavior

Filters work only on local environment but not in test environment. A filtered request sends back all the data instead of filtered data

Failure Logs

k8s containers show only info logs, no error signs


We recently migrated from 3.XX to 6.XX for FA sequelize and reached a stable version in local environment

  • Package Version:6.XX
  • Express Version:
  • Sequelize Version:
  • Database Dialect: SQL
  • Database Version:PSQL 9.6
  • Project Name: Askeet

Hi @Benoit_Dambreville,

Thank you for reaching out with this issue!

I took a look on your environments and it seems that only one of those is in v6. All others are in v3. So I’m assuming the v6 environment is the one having troubles with its filters.

To migrate an environment from v3 to v6, you need to follow all the intermediate steps:

Did you follow those steps or did you tried the v3 -> v6 upgrade at once?


Thanks for the quick answer !

I did the migration in my local environment step by step; following the guides. Then, i deployed the stable V6 image in test.
Did you mean that we should have rolled out one image per version ?

However, we are supposed to have test and pre-prod environments in v6; you said there was only one ? the test env ?

Do you have any idea what might be causing the buggy filters ?

@Benoit_Dambreville the migration is supposed to be done on one local environment then pushed to the remote ones. If you did as you explained it should be good.

However, on my end, I only see Development (local) using a v6 liana. All other environments (including production and pre-production) are still flagged as v3.

If ever you had issues deploying onto your production environment, I’d recommend that you follow our guide for it:

I hope this helps


Apparently a team member incorrectly rebased the schema; which still has the lianaV3 specification.
Silly me didn’t think to look there.
All the rest is properly updated.
Deploying the fix later today.

Thank you

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