Forest Admin inside an iframe

Feature(s) impacted

I want to add Forest Admin into an iframe to use it inside a dashboard

Observed behavior

On every page reload the authentication is asked because of cross-site cookies and X-Frame-Options (to prevent clickjacking)

Expected behavior

I want to use FA inside an iframe as a regular tab.
Instead of removing the security policies, is it possible to pass an authentication token via query string?
What solution do you propose instead of using two tabs (one dashboard, one FA)?

Hello @Marco,

Thanks for joining the community!

For the moment, we don’t offer the possibility to integrate Forest Admin inside an iframe, for security reasons.

We offer the possibility to create your own dashboards with related data, and directly launch actions from Forest Admin with the new Workspace functionality.

Hello @GuillaumeGautreau,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I understand the security reasons, and I agree.
Unfortunately, we cannot embed the dashboard inside FA because it is an external tool that shows some information and embeds dynamically a show page of a FA collection’s row. This show page URL changes every time.
So instead of clicking on the FA link and opening a new tab, we wanted to have the possibility to embed it in some way.
Do you see any possible solution for this scenario? Thanks a lot

We don’t have this possibility right now, I added this in our features wishlist.

As mentionned in my previous message, my suggestion would be to create the dashboard inside Forest Admin instead. If your dashboard depends on data from your database, you can create charts and display them along with a collection’s row inside Workspaces.