Getting 401 exceptions for some users while trying to download content

File downloading is not working for some users.

Please describe here the behavior you are expecting.

Actual behavior

For sorme users using chrome file downlading is not working on the console we do see : failed to load resource the server respond with a 401 response.
If we use the same credential from another station it is working.
The backend response with a 200 to every requests.

How can we get more detail on what can be wrong from the webbrowser

Chrome version that is not working : Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @David_Ramier !
What type of content are you trying to download ?

@Nicolas_Sailly Here is the error message @David_Ramier is receiving on its end:


I’ve also shared a video in private message for more context :pray:

It looks like it’s related to CSP, did you set any restriction of this kind on your end ?

it occurs for pdf, png, jpeg, (not sure that the mime type is causing the exception)

I do not see such a restriction in the code, can it be set at the browser level?

The video show access to a document on the server[DOCUMENT_ID]/file which is yours.

The 401 unauthorized response is sent from that server.
Forest just redirect to that URL, you need to be logged in on that server to avoid 401.

Does it make sense to you that you are logged in on a certain station, but not on another?