I can no longer log into my account, could you please help me

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I usually have no problem login into my account, but since yesterday I can no longer log in. It says wrong password! I have tried to change the password, but even with the same password the same issue occurs.

Failure Logs

It says “Your password is incorrect, try again please”


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  • Project name: Petit Marché

Hi @petitmarche :wave:

I have a feeling this is not a password problem, sorry the error message is confusing.

We recently ended our Grandfathered plan to more accurately reflect the value users get from the tool and to make room for great features to come.

We sent an email to all the projects concerned, I’m sorry you didn’t see it!

We have removed the tranche-based pricing model and switched to more straightforward, user-based pricing. We made this transition to allow smaller teams to take benefit of our powerful features such as Summary view, Smart Charts, Explorer, Analytics per Record, etc., and to provide the same five-star customer experience to all of our customers.

Therefore, our free plan now includes all the basic features, and is limited to 1 user.

To get access to the project again beyond 1 user, you can upgrade directly from the Billing tab of the Project Settings.

If you are blocked and cannot access the project settings, here are the steps to follow:
(please note that you’ll need to be an admin of the project)

  1. Go on your project list
  2. Hover over the project
  3. Click on the ⋮ (on the left)
  4. Open the settings

Let me know if you have any questions!



Dear Harold,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Yes I had a feeling it was the case and I did see the mail. We will need to be minimum 2 users, which is why the free plan will no longer work unfortunately. I am looking at the Team plan and I am a little uncertain of how it works. It says it will allow me unlimited users, but at the same time I have to pay per user, is that right? So for 2 users it would be 48/month? Whereas I chose the Plus plan it will be 96/month. Just to make sure that I have understood correctly.

Thank you.

Hi @petitmarche,

Yes exactly :slight_smile:

The price will be $24 per user per month for the team plan (for an annual commitment paid upfront, or $30 for a monthly commitment).

Sorry if the ‘unlimited users’ is confusing!

So you’ll pay for each plan:

  • Team Plan - $60 per month for 2 users (or $48 on an annual engagement, paid upfront)
  • Plus Plan - $120 per month for 2 users (or $96 on an annual engagement, paid upfront)

Let me know if you have any other questions!