Password recovery impossible

Expected behavior

A user of our team is trying to recover his password.

Actual behavior

He received the password reset link, then entered a new password (2 times so), then he connected to the dashboard (he can see his name on the right corner) but there is this popup asking him the password again and, even if the password is the right one, the popup refuse to disappear and and error is shown on the bottom right orange box.

Failure Logs

Capture d’écran 2020-05-29 à 13.41.43

Damned, I can not connect to production anymore… Even with my own account. No problem in dev mode.

Ok, when there is an error in production, there is no way to know from where it is.

I had to make go back to an old commit.

Hi @XavierColombel,

Thank you for reaching out with this issue.

Is your user still experiencing issues with this? If so, I might need to take a look at the network tab of its browser to look for hints to assist him.