Layout Editor Broken

Hi -

I’m unsure of when this may have started, but we are no longer able to make any changes to our environment with the layout editor. Every attempted change results in an error that is some version of the following:

[Model] update failed: record id: 62532, rendering.collections.19.restrictedToSegments You must create at least one segment before disabling the access of all the records of the collection.

The changes we are making are not related to any segment-restricted settings and this occurs no matter the layout change we’re trying to implement.

Any ideas? I’ve restarted the server, upgraded to 6.38.0, cleared the cache and tried multiple browsers.



Hello @a.strom,

Thank you for this feedback,

I submitted a quick internal fix which may help with your issue. Would you mind trying to update your layout once more?

Thanks, @Guillaume_Deslandes - that fixed it up! Everything seems to be working well.