Lost Development Layout while deploying to production

Expected behavior

I was expecting the development layout I created to be used when deploying to production.

Actual behavior

I had difficulties setting up Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL engine for the production deployment. At some point during the deployment, I was asked to copy the layout but I ended up copying the production layout (empty) over the completed development layout.


Is there any way to get an older version of the layout recovered?

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Hi @heyflynn :wave:,

Welcome to our community and really sorry to hear that encountered this issue on Forest Admin :disappointed:.

Unfortunately, you can’t rollback a copy layout and layout versioning is only available for Enterprise plan.

A best practice is to have a staging environment to have a backup environment. And retrieve the layout based on this one.

By the way, our team recently released a Beta of our new Development Workflow and I’d love to present it to you as this will considerably improve this process.

Let me know if you would like to participate in our beta, and I’ll send you an invite!


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Thanks. Ok, I will be a little more careful until I move to a bigger plan.

Another Issue also occurred as a result of me copying the production layout to the development layout.

I now can’t access any details of records. I activated and tried out some of the smart features and now I fear I might have to start over again.

Luckily, there are a couple of database issues I want to resolve before generating a new forest admin.


@heyflynn, I think you simply need to activate the option Allow record detail display from your collection settings.

See Collections hidden in the list of collections make hasOne relationships links disappear

Let me know if that helps

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thanks. it was the setting. I’ve since updated and went to production successfully. Forest Admin is amazing.

As for the beta of the new development workflow. I don’t know if I have time this year, but if it’s still in beta next year I’d be happy to.