Not able to add roles to a new created environment

Feature(s) impacted

Add new remote environment

Observed behavior

After configuring the new environment and deploying the backend server we have the following message : " report_problem No roles have been enabled for this environment yet. As a result, it is not usable for now.
To start using it, enable 1 or more role(s) from the Roles tab."
But when going to roles tab we are not able to see the new created environment is not listed

Expected behavior

We should be able to see the new environment to add roles

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Trex-Data-Service
  • Team name: N/A
  • Environment name: testing
  • Agent type & version: Docker - 8.5.12

creating the environment from forest CLI is working, there is probably a but doing it from the front-end app

I have the same problem.

When I try to create a new environment from the front-end.

I have this return error : {“errors”:[{“status”:409,“detail”:“Branch name already exists.”,“meta”:{},“name”:“ErrorHTTP409”}]}

Then the environment exists but I cannot add roles.

Project name: EMD-Projects

Hi @Tokeny

Did you manage to solve your issue using the CLI?
What commands did you run?

I think I’m replicating the issue you had (investigation in process)

I think that this is a separate issue

I can see a pull request which is in review for branch name collision and should be merged quickly

here is the command we used to create the new env:
forest environments:create -n [env name] -u [URL of the backend server]

Two things

  1. Can you confirm that your workaround is working?

  2. I did find a bug when creating an environment from the UX

  • there is a delay between the moment the environment is created, and the moment it shows up in roles
  • the frontend needs to be hard-refreshed for the environment to show up in roles

Could that be the issue you had?
I filed a high priority bug, which is getting handled now, but can’t be sure it’s the same issue you had

Hello @romaing

Do you have news about this bug? I still have the 409 error when I try to create new env with the UI.