Role mgmt new features

In the new roles management features, I suggest the following improvements

  • In the smart actions permissions table, add a search field so we can search for a smart action or collection name.

  • In this same table, we should be able to sort the table by smart action name (not only by collection name).

  • The “Save” button should be visible at all time, to avoid tedious scrollings

  • It’s still unclear to me how I can set up roles permissions for a smart action I just created in the Dev environment. I shouldn’t have to do anything after copying my layout from Dev to Recette for instance.

Hello @JeremyV, :wave:

Thank you for your suggestions. :pray:

Really nice especially when you have a bunch of smart actions.

We already have this one on our roadmap but I’m not sure about the precise timing.

I’ll send all of it to our product board so our product team can work on it.

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Hi @morganperre

Another feedback: it would be VERY valuable in the smart actions / collections list, that we have the aliases names for the collections, not (only) their original/technical names.

As an exemple :

Parcels => Lots
Places => Copropriétés
Damages => Sinistres

and so on…

Hey @JeremyV,

Not sure to fully understand your suggestion.

We already have a mechanism to aliases names with the display name. Do you talk about this ?

Do you talk about this in the role/permissions settings ? (@adriguy just highlight this, indeed we use technical names in this view…)

Kind regards,

@morganperre Absolutely, this is a roles management topic, sorry for being unclear.

When I have a Damages collection, I aliased it Sinistres, I wish to find Sinistres in the collections permissions, not Damages :

And while I think about it, I wish we will be able to copy permissions from one environment to another.
For instance, Staging to Production, for all roles or a specific one.

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Hello @JeremyV,

Perfect, I have forwarded this to our team. As it’s a small improvement, it could come soon. :slight_smile:

Very clear, it has already been pushed to our product board. :confetti_ball:

Thanks for your suggestions.

Kind regards,