Smart action not appearing locally


Something very weird happened… I added a smart action locally and after running npm start, the smart action appears on the model. When I create a new smart action on another model, It doesn’t update anymore…

Help please

Here are the details :

  • Project name: Reedoo
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Development
  • Liana Version : 8.5.8

I changed connection and now it appears → is it something that can matter ?

Hello @walidthebest,

Thanks for reaching out! :raised_hands:

What do you mean by changed connection?
Did you restart your server after having added the 2nd smart action?


Hello I meant change Wifi

@walidthebest very important: you need to systematically restart your admin backend to see the changes you made on it (for instance, adding a new smart action).

Let me know if you still have issue even after having done this operation.