Smart chart not available while we have a Team plan

Hello, I have a little problem concern about the smart chart in the dashboard.

Indeed, I do not have access to the Smart Chart although I have a Team plan which is above the Starter plan.

Do you have an idea ?

Our plan


Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hey @jacques_liao, and welcome to our community :wave:

Could you share here or as DM your project name so I can check your configuration on my end ? Thanks :pray:


I just checked your project on my end.

Entry level is associated with the Starter plan, not the Team one.
Smart charts require a Team plan to be available.

Upgrading to Team is the only solution to enable the Smart Chart feature.

Let me know if that helps :pray:

Hello, I still need help regarding this topic

The original issue was solved by naming the graph.

The “Edit this chart button” will only switch to “enabled” mode when a name for the chart is provided