Staging environment not showing up in environments list

Expected behavior

After upgrading to liana v7, I made sure everything was OK in development then pushed in staging and production. Problem is the staging environment no longer appears in the environments dropdown.
What’s bugging me is that the staging env and production env are very similar!

Actual behavior

My development environment and my production environment both show up in the dropdown but my staging environment does not.
I can configure the environment in the project settings and see that the liana version has been correctly upgraded.
Interestingly I can access the environment using its URL (

Failure Logs

I copied the development layout to staging, I then received an email and when I click the link I get the following error:
Project 44412 not found.


I updated forest Liana v7 last week by following the official migration guide.

  • Package Version: 7.1.0
  • Express Version: 4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: 6.5
  • Database Dialect: Postgres
  • Database Version: PostgreSQL 12.5
  • Project Name: Zenvest

Thank you for your help!

Hi @saimeunt,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to this community :raised_hands:

I’ve checked your staging environment information and it appears that it was flagged as a development environment and not as a remote. This misconfiguration was probably the cause of your issue.

I’ve fixed it for you just now. Can you tell me if the problem persists?


Thanks for your help!

The environment is still hidden and a warning appeared in the environment config panel:

Unfortunately I can’t update my role to enable the environment in the Roles tab.

@saimeunt yes right, the misconfiguration led to the issue too :thinking:

Could you try to create another role (for instance from “everything allowed”) and see if this new role contains the staging environment (along with the prod environment)?

Unfortunately I can’t create a new role since I’m on the community plan.
I can’t delete the role either because all my users are assigned to it.
We’ve not yet configured the role system and the only role we have is “Admin” with everything enabled, can you create/reset a similar role on my behalf please?

Hi @saimeunt for debugging purpose we’ve enabled the feature on your project. Do you confirm it’s working properly on your end?


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Hey @louis thank you for your help, creating another role copied from “Everything allowed” and then removing the legacy bugged role indeed proved to solve my problem.