Can't enroll a new user

Hi Forest support.
I’m in trouble with new users.

I invited a user (Project settings > Users > Invite) :+1:

The user shows up as “pending” in the list :+1: :arrow_heading_down:

The user received an invitation email :+1:

The user clicks in the email link to accept the invitation :+1:

A signup form is presented to the user, but the user can’t signup (see the error in the screenshots below) :dizzy_face:

This is what happens after trying to sign up with google :arrow_heading_down:

And this is what happens after trying to sign up with email and password :arrow_heading_down:

Hello @Matteo,

Can this person try to:

  1. Click on the invitation link
  2. Click on sign in
  3. Click on sign in with Google
  4. Use his account to register

(Perhaps this user already signup using email + password and he should use it to join the project)

This error shown says that this user already have an account on Forest :slight_smile:

Tell me if it helps,
Kind regards,

Hi @lclisson
No she can’t.

I understand that this error shown says that this user already have an account on Forest. But there is no user in Forest with her email address!!

She had an account in the past but it was removed more than one year ago. Now I’m creating a new user with the same email. Maybe Forest has some kind of “memory”… but when she clicks the invitation link she received via email, she can’t sing up with google, nor with email/password. Because the above error is shown.

What can we do?

Thank you,

Thanks for your quick answer,

Can this person try to click on the reset password button, he should receive a mail and get a new password associated to this address mail :slight_smile:

Let me know if it helps,
Kind regards

Hi @lclisson
We did what you suggested.

She was able to reset her password. And with the new password sha was able to login into Forest.


She is not able to see the project I invited her for.

This is what she sees after login:

And this is what I see in the users list:

So, in my project perspective, she’s still “pending” and her user is not allowed to enter the project.

What can we do?

Thank you.

Can she click on the invitation link in the mail and then she should be able to join the project. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Thank you @lclisson
But I’m afraid that something else is not working properly.

If she clicks the invitation link (after login) she is offered the option to join the team. If she joins, she gets an error:

What can we do?

Thank you,

That’s weird, everything is working fine on my side and I can’t reproduce your issue :confused:

Can the person do the same using his browser with private window so that we are sure there is no cache issue ?

Thanks :pray:

This user had an uppercase in our database, I modified it and it should work now. :slight_smile:

Can you confirm or invalidate please ?
Kind regards,



Now it works!!! :muscle:

Thank you very much!!!

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