Invitation not received

Hi team,

I invited a new user to my Forest production environment, but he does not receive any email.
The invitation appears as “Pending”.
My project name is “mypocket”.
Is there some issue with the invitation emails?


Hi @Louis-Marie,

There are no issues on the platform right now.

It looks like this specific invitation email has been blocked with the following reason:

550 5.7.1 Reject for policy reason RULE2_1. See

It may be related to some configuration on your end:

Let us know how we can help

Hi @arnaud

Could you please send me (in a private way) the details of the mail sent (with the envelope details).
I need the technical details in order to open a ticket with our provider.

Thanks in advance

Sent in PM, in the meantime @louis shared with you the invitation link in private.

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Hi again,

I’m sorry, the previous invitation failed, and I had to renew it.
Could I have the new invitation link please?


We’ll discuss internally ways to provide access to invitations links in the project settings for a mid term solution for your problem.

Right now the only alternative I can offer is to let you sent invitation to your personal email address (gmail/outlook/protonmail/… not to be rejected) and then share the links to your teammates. They’ll have to change their login email in the sign up form and fill in the other inputs as usual to access your admin panel.