Email already exist but it was previously deleted

Hi, we have a problem to invite one of our user. This person already had an account created but we deleted it and now we need to create a new account. This person receive the invitation mail but when filling the form for creating her account, ther is an error message saying her email is already used. I check the settings and her account is only present in the pending invitation.

Hi @mduhez,

Thanks for your message and welcome to our community :raised_hands:

Could you give us your project name and the user email address so that we can check it on our side?


Hi @mduhez, when you remove a user from your project, it doesn’t technically delete the user. It dissociates this user from your projet, so technically, this user still have a Forest Admin account.

Can this user try to click on “Already have a login? Sign in” at the top right of the invitation screen?

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Hello, we will try that and keep you updated

Problem solved by using the link sign in, thank you