Layout crashes on certain collections

When I click on certain collection, layout crashes. Everything was ok few hours ago.

Here is the error in the console :

I’m seeing the same issue on my user details screen.

Same here !

Same here ! The strange things is that only some elements of my collection are impacted by this issue.

  • The Sumary view is totally collapsed
  • There is no way to edit it (maybe we introduced a bug in the layout but we can’t fix it)
  • The list view is hiding some colums

Here is a screenshot of the list view. The first 2 rows are displayed correctly, and their respective summary view is working ok. The next lines are missing most columns and their summary view is collapsed

We’re also seeing this issue - other content loads fine except the ones with a specific category which is mapped to checkboxes - the category in question is the 6th in the list

@rpechayr @hnfg Thank you for letting us know, sounds like a bug in the layout!

Our team is currently investigating on your issue and we’ll let you know as soon as we have a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi @eric-trustandwill and @XavierColombel :wave:

We apologize for this crash. It’s a recent regression that has just been fixed, release is on its way! Be sure I will notify you when it’s deployed.

Hi @hnfg and @rpechayr Thank you for your feedback. We are still investigating. We’ll notify you as soon as we have a fix.

Thank you for your patience :pray:


@hnfg and @rpechayr Could you please share your console logs? There may be an error displayed in it.

Sure, here it is @rap2h

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Hello @XavierColombel @eric-trustandwill :wave:

We have identified your issue and a fix is ongoing. I will ping you as soon as it is released (a mater of minutes)

@rpechayr @hnfg Same as the previous one, we identified your issue and a fix is ongoing.

Thanks for opening the thread, and sorry for the inconvenience.



@XavierColombel @hnfg @eric-trustandwill The fix has just been released. Could you refresh your browser then try again? Let me know if it fixes your problem.

@rpechayr the second fix is on its way! You’ll have to wait a bit more, I’ll notify you as soon as it’s released :eyes:

Thank you for your patience. :pray:


@rap2h The phoenix is back in da game! :star_struck:


Hi rap2h - its fixed in that it now loads but do we not get colours for 6th and up on checkboxes now?


@rpechayr The second fix has been released, could you try again after refreshing your browser? Let me know if it fixes the issue. :pray:

@hnfg Oops :confused: . We may have missed something then :sweat_smile:. Still, I’m not sure to understand your actual issue, I can not reproduce it. What do you mean by “we not get colours for 6th and up”? You mean the badge colors for options 1 to 5 are OK, then 6 to N fails?

This is what I tried. First I configured custom values for badge widget:

Then I checked in table view and everything seems OK:

Could you help me reproducing your issue? (maybe a step by step guide would help, or a screencast).

Hi ! The issue is fixed on our side. Many thanks @louis and @rap2h :clap: !


Hi @rap2h

Our categories are radiobuttons I figured the colours were automatically generated on the table view

The last one on the list is the one that is not appearing with colours.


Hi @hnfg :wave: I’m afraid I c’ant reproduce with this configuration
Have you got any error on your browser console ?

huh - no error at all in the console - I wonder whats up!

To try to understand what happens can you provide me

  • the name of your project
  • the environment and team
  • the collection and filedName

With this information I could look if there is a configuration problem on our end.

@hnfg I saw in your Category field widgetDisplay configuration that you were in custom mode

  "name": "badge",
  "parameters": {
    "items": [{
      "color": "#98d9ca",
      "values": [
    }, {
      "color": "#f7adb6",
      "values": [
    }, {
      "color": "#bbeafa",
      "values": [
    }, {
      "color": "#a9bae1",
      "values": [
    }, {
      "color": "#fac9a3",
      "values": [
    "colorMode": "custom"

And the value coronavirus does not appears.
You could add a configuration for coronavirus or add a default fallback color like this