Invitation email not received while invitation is pending

Feature(s) impacted

Invite user to project

Observed behavior

The invitation is pending, but the user never receives the invitation email.

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 17.27.15

Expected behavior

The invited user should receive the invitation email.


Additional context element: this user had been successfully invited a few months ago, and had been deleted since.

Project name: Inato Marketplace
Environment name: N/A, this feature is not environment-specific

Hi @bastoche :wave: welcome to our community.
Can you fill in asked informations inside the template please :pray:
Especially project name and environment name.

Sorry about that, done!

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Hello @bastoche,

Indeed, our email provider did not send the invitation email because the recipient email address already marked a previous email as spam.

Iā€™m investigating the issue we have with this email address. In the meantime, I will send the invitation link directly to this person.

Hello again,

I directly sent the email from my address, and I reconfigured our provider to correctly send emails to the user. In theory, this person should have received 2 invitations.

Can you confirm that everything is OK?

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Hello, thanks for the quick fix, indeed Thomas has correctly received the invitations.

As a workaround, it would be great to be able, as an admin, to send invitation links myself.

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Thanks for your feedback. I added it to our list of feature requests.