Stuck on "Your project is being configured" part

Feature(s) impacted

Not able to access any environment.

Observed behavior

I had 3 branches, namely Dev, Production, and Development. The Production branch was being used for production purposes. I changed the production branch from Production to Dev and then deleted the Production branch.

The page reloaded and then I got this page saying " Your project is being configured.
This page will be reloaded automatically when the operation is completed, the process can take up to one minute".
I tried changing the environment from Dev to Development which I use locally (localhost), but the same page came up.

I’m stuck on this page for at least 20 minutes. I’ve tried relogging.

Expected behavior

The page must show my collections from the DB.


  • Project name: Earth Portal
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Dev and Development
  • Agent type & version: NodeJS (14.15.0)

Hey @kushagragangwar, and welcome to our community.

Could you check if you have any errors in your browser developer console/network tabs?

I’ll check on my end if I’m able to spot an issue with your project configuration.

Console logs :

Network tab:

The same API is being called again and again. Also, every API is giving 200.

We’ve spotted a specific collection that changed multiple times (productcategories <-> productCategory).

It also appear that you have a widget configured on this collection, which introduced this issue. I’ll open a ticket on our end to handle this specific issue.

Your “Dev” environment should now be accessible. Could you confirm that this is the case? :pray:

Yeah up and running. Thanks a lot :pray: :raised_hands:

What should I keep in mind so that this issue should not occur in the future?

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According to the data I can see on my end, it seems like the collection I mentioned earlier was renamed several time during a very short period of time.

Again, I’ll file a bug report for the issue available on our end. During the time required to introduce this fix however, I would highly recommand to take special care of collection renaming, especially if you rely on the Dynamic dropdown configuration on the renamed collection.

We will let you know once this fix is live :pray:

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