Summary field changes after deploy

Feature(s) impacted

UI Changes deployment for Summary field

Observed behavior

When we deploy changes with “summary” from Staging branch, then no one from Client/Production branches received it

Expected behavior

Changes for “summary” field properly applies after deploy

Failure Logs

No logs


  • Project name: ytech_admin
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Staging
  • Agent type & version: “forest-express-mongoose”: “^8.7.8”
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: I’ll describe below

Hi. Think we had manually changes in “Summary” section after they are deployed on Client/Production (that’s bad, I know). Now UI changes works, but if they for “summary” - it’s not

We need to have Staging branch as base for any branches, mb you can check it and revert. Thanks

Hello @heyMakar,
What do you mean by “manually changes” ?
Do you see your fields in the forestadmin-schema.json ?

Manual changes is when we go directly to the environment, and update it via “Edit layout” button

Nope, there’s no changes in forestadmin-schema for UI, isn’t?

To resume the situation,
You have edited the layout of the “summary” collection on the staging environment and you want to apply these changes on the production environment ?
If you want apply the staging layout changes you should use the CLI to push the modification on the production environment: forest deploy. Ofc, the staging environment must have production as origin.
Tell me if it helped you :pray:

It’s vice versa. We edited “Summary” on Production (which relies on Staging), and after we “deploy” (without pushing) new changes with “Summary” section from Staging to Production they are not received on Production env

When you say “deploy”, is it the forest deploy command from the CLI ?
I’m checking on your production env, and it never receives a deploy command.

sorry for confusing you. As i said, we have changed separately Production branch (without changes from Staging branch). When we do new “Summary” section changes on Staging/Local dev branches and send them via forest deploy to Production branch, then they are not applied on Production env.

Does the forest deploy return an error ?

nope, no errors. “Summary” changes from Dev or Staging just not showing on Production

The latest update to your production was made on 02/02/2023 10:56:12, indicating that no changes to the layout have been pushed since then. An uncommon configuration is present in your setup, as the Staging environment does not have the Origin set, while the Production environment has Staging as its Origin. Do you know why your Production environment has Staging as its origin ?

In my opinion you must have Production as origin to Staging.
To modify these references, go to the settings in the Environment section, select your production environment, and click on Set as production.

wow, thanks for notice. I was not responsible for this setup. And now I see I can’t set origin for Staging environment, it’s just disabled with You cannot set origin on Production environment message. How we can fix that?

You should “set as production” your Production environment.
You should go on your Environment settings, click on the your production environment and click on “Set as production” button.
You can follow this doc.

I can’t do anything with Staging env, set as production button/set origin select is disabled. Same for Production branch

The button is also disabled for the PRODUCTION environment ?

yes, prod looks like this

It appears that your environments are mutually locked, which may be a bug.
To unlock, can you please confirm that we reverse the Staging environment to Staging and the Production environment to Production?

If you ask confirmation from me - sure, let’s do it. Is this can bring any destructive changes?

Wa have made a manually change on our side.
Please can you try again to “set as production” on your Production environment ?

Now it’s ok, thanks. And we can use flow with push via forest cli? Eg. do local changes from Staging branch, then push this changes (via push command if it has UI changes, or just push schema to the server), and then (after test on staging) deploy them via deploy command or UI, right?

If you want to apply your layout changes from the staging environment to the production environment you can run forest deploy.
Here the push documentation to understand the difference.

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